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*Ideas published here should be considered half-baked, at best.

Erickson, F. (1987). Conceptions of School Culture: An Overview. Educational Administration Quarterly, 23(4), 11–24.

As I get into this course and seek strategies for writing while I read, I'm finding that this blog is a decent spot for doing that. It is one thing to doze your way through readings and presume that you have caught enough of the argument to have an intelligent conversation in class, but it is another to actively consider prompts and questions (conveniently provided by our prof) and write responses that can be exposed to a wider community who might actually respond!

Here is the first prompt for this article:

Why/how is knowledge about (un)familiar school cultures important?

Well, 'meeting' #1 of my PhD journey is done! As this is a seminar course focussed more on empowerment and conversation, our prof likes to call our weekly get-togethers 'meetings'. Ok.

As is standard in the first introduction to a course, there was the typical conversation about the course outline and where we would be headed and such things....