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Ideas published here should be considered half-baked, at best.

Our group engaged in a digital storytelling project using a process that has turned out to be similar to a photovoice method. As might be expected in a 3-week group project, data collection was somewhat rushed. We faced challenges with the seemingly simple process of forming a group and contacting e...

For EDCP512A, we are conducting an in-class action research project in small teams. Our group is taking an arts-based approach using digital storytelling as our method.

Group Members
  • Andrea
  • Colin
  • Waylon
  • Chi
  • Visiting Scholars

Chattopadhyay, P. (2018). Fighting hate with friendship—One Exalted Cyclops at a time | CBC Radio. In Out in the Open. Retrieved from

Our task this week was...

I read two articles this week, each of which described an AR project, but with very different approaches and, I think, different outcomes. My rough notes on each article are available here (Pedretti) and here (Wakefield).

Pedretti describes an action research project grounded in what I have co...

Features of Public Spheres

For this blog discussion post discuss any 2 features of Kemmis, McTaggart, and Nixon's 10 Features of the Public Sphere found (or not) in any of the 5 papers Collins, Kaukko, Tuck, Conrad, and McLeod/Emme. List the Key Feature and describe the feature using the researc...

The task:

Find a public space (mall, library, coffee shop) where you feel comfortable observing a person or small group of people - people you don't know. Write for 10 minutes as a field note. Use descriptive language and work for accuracy. Write about you notice: see, hear, smell, feel. How di...

This has been very interesting to think storage of information predates 'computers' a long time.

Wampum belt, Iroquois and Algonkian, commemorating peace treaty in 17th century - Native American collection - Peabody Museum, Harvard University - DSC05418

I love it when ideas converge. Last night in EDCP512A at UBC, we talked about being in the swamp, where the messy problems are, as being the place where interesting ideas...

I am 4 weeks in to my course at UBC called Education Action Research and it has been formative so far...

One of the primary ideas that has become apparent in these 4 weeks as we have bandied about ideas of what is action research is the reason that AR, and particularly critical participatory AR...

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