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The task:

Find a public space (mall, library, coffee shop) where you feel comfortable observing a person or small group of people - people you don't know. Write for 10 minutes as a field note. Use descriptive language and work for accuracy. Write about you notice: see, hear, smell, feel. How di...

Features of Public Spheres

For this blog discussion post discuss any 2 features of Kemmis, McTaggart, and Nixon's 10 Features of the Public Sphere found (or not) in any of the 5 papers Collins, Kaukko, Tuck, Conrad, and McLeod/Emme. List the Key Feature and describe the feature using the researc... a brief response that articulates your growing/changing understanding of action research in education (or some aspect of it) in the context of your own research area.

Kemmis, S., McTaggart, R., & Nixon, R. (2014). The action research planner: Doing critical participatory action research...

As an introductory post, EDCP512 at UBC has been asked to post a 6-word memoir or two...

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Chattopadhyay, P. (2018). Fighting hate with friendship—One Exalted Cyclops at a time | CBC Radio. In Out in the Open. Retrieved from

Our task this week was...

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