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McGlashan, Haley, & Fitzpatrick, K. (2017). LGBTQ youth activism and school: challenging sexuality and gender norms. Health Education, 117(5), 485–497. Retrieved from HE-10-2016-0053

Inclusion and cultural acceptance of LGBTQ students and staff is still a problem and...

Image: Photo Credit: Colin Madland

Updated: June 22/19 (scroll down)

Tonight marks the fourth meeting of our class exploring discourses in education at UVic. We are a fairly small class or 14 new PhD and 3 MEd students who meet for 3 hours per week. We are a diverse group with people from Tanzania, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Australi...

My 10yo son just saw this image for the first time. This was our conversation:

Him: What is he cranking?

Me: ...

Him: Are those books?

Me: ... [opens larger image]

Him: Why are they wearing headphones?

Me: What is the title?

Him: At School...ooOOOhhh! I wish I could go to school like...

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