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Ideas published here should be considered half-baked, at best.

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Conference Abstract—20% Write a 200 word (maximum) double-spaced description of an imagined presentation you wish to make that identifies a philosophical or theoretical problem, articulates a purpose or thesis statement, and from that point describes how you will respond to the problem.


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I'm making an effort to be as open as possible during this PhD. In doing so, I've moved most of my draft work to GitHub, and I'm publishing most stuff from there to Grav.

A few times, I've not only published a post, but also publicized it on Twitter. Typically those posts get a little love, b...

This is the version of my concept analysis which I submitted for assessment.

  • Rev1: Added instructor feedback in red.
  • Rev2: Addressed instructor feedback in red.

Click here for the history of this document.

Open Education

There is not one single concept that could be considered th...

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By this time next year, I need to have zeroed in on a research agenda for this PhD.

Here are my thoughts as of now...they're a little rambly, so bear with me.

This post will hopefully be recognizable in the final accounting of my degree, but I know that it won't be all that close to it. Such is...

McGranahan, C. (2015). What is Ethnography? Teaching ethnographic sensibilities without fieldwork. Teaching Anthropology; Vol 4 (2014): Learning by Example.

The primary focus of this paper is a discussion of what seems to be a controversy about how and wh...

Ling, M. 1999. The Anthropology of Everyday Life: Teaching about Culture in Schools. In R. Case & P. Clark (Eds.), The Canadian Anthology of Social Studies: Issues and Strategies for Teachers, pp. 51-58. Vancouver, BC: Pacific Educational Press.

One of the most important conclusions of co...

McGlashan, Haley, & Fitzpatrick, K. (2017). LGBTQ youth activism and school: challenging sexuality and gender norms. Health Education, 117(5), 485–497. Retrieved from HE-10-2016-0053

Inclusion and cultural acceptance of LGBTQ students and staff is still a problem and...

Erickson, F. (1987). Conceptions of School Culture: An Overview. Educational Administration Quarterly, 23(4), 11–24.

As I get into this course and seek strategies for writing while I read, I'm finding that this blog is a decent spot for doing that....

Pelissier, C. (1991). The Anthropology of Teaching and Learning. Annual Review of Anthropology, 20, 75–95. Retrieved from

This post is just a lot of thinking out loud. There is no coherent argument found here. Consider yourself warned...

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