Colin Madland, MEd

educator | technologist | phd student

University of Victoria

Ideas published here should be considered half-baked, at best.

It's been a while since David Wiley first talked about the reusability paradox which basically posits that the more detailed and localized a particular resource is, the harder it will be for others to use it. And the more a particular resource is designed to be shared, the less useful it will be.

Yesterday, Herbert Tsang and Qinqin Zhang from TWU hosted a colloquium on Academic Integrity at our Langley campus. I learned a bit about learning after my presentation...

Yesterday, @cogdog blogged a request on behalf of #OntarioExtend asking for those who own their own domains to write a short blog post about their experiences. Here we go...

Hey there!

I'm a PhD student in educational technology at the University of Victoria on the beautiful southern tip of Vancouver Island in British Colulmbia. By day, I'm the Manager of Online Learning and Instructional Technology at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC.

I'll be using this site to narrate my thinking.