AERA Proposal

Lit Review: By, With, and For: Becoming a Settler Ally in Research with Indigenous Communities about Online Learning Environments


  • Indigenous Research is with and by and for Indigenous people
  • settler ally research is with and for indigenous ppl and AT the colonial academy
  • cannot be entirely by Indigenous ppl except in partnerships
  • translating decolonizing critiques from indigenous scholars into indigenization in settler academy and reconciliation
  • 2-eyed seeing is only possible at the borders of both worlds
  • indigenous 2ES is different from settler 2ES

One of the things that has come up time and again is that Indigenous People are some of the most researched people in the world and there is a degree of research fatigue. Another is that Indigenous People have told settler society over and over again what they want, and asking again and again what they want when what they have told settlers has been ignored and promises have been broken is problematic.

There is a long history of settler researchers and policy-makers ignoring their own results leading to a lack of trust between Indigenous People and potential settler ally researchers.

A repeated demand is for Indigenous Self-Determination (agency).

Moving forward

Here is what I have been thinking in terms of approaching my dissertation...

  1. Lit Review (as above) for AERA
  2. UBC and USask research courses
  3. Dissertation Proposal:


  • Review of historical documents related to Indigenous education to compile recommendations
  • review of contemporary research on digital colonialism, online education initiatives for Indigenous Communities
  • review of strategies for building digital literacies to promote digital self-determination in education for Indigenous learners
    • Domain of One's Own (DoOO);
    • Open Source software, such as WordPress Multi-Site (WPMS) or Grav;
    • open source hardware;
    • network ownership;
    • ability to remain in home community as an act of sovereignty over ancestral lands


  • working in cooperation with Indigenous Education at UVic, initiate DoOO project for increasing online learning options for Indigenous learners
  • action research model
  • ensure sustainability through digital literacy training for all involved
    • digital story-telling

Funding through SSHRC

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